Gerard and Amanda – At The Office and On The Dance Floor

Diamond Design couple Gerard and Amanda may have committed what they jokingly call a ‘corporate faux pas’ by falling in love and starting their relationship at the office they shared.

Working in different departments, it was clear to Gerard something was up when Amanda started bringing up single pieces of paperwork throughout the day, creating excuses to stop by and have a conversation.

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Pre-Owned Rolex for Sale

Occasionally, we’re happy to present exceptional deals for our clients. Such is the case with this pre-owned Rolex watch, now available for just a fraction of its original cost. This watch is in exceptional shape, comes with its original box and papers, and has a full two year guarantee. And as you can see, it’s also exceptionally beautiful.

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John Hardy Coming to Diamond Design!

We are thrilled to announce that starting this Fall we will be offering John Hardy designer jewellery here at Diamond Design. Representatives from John Hardy in New York just flew into St. John’s to ink the deal, and we’re so excited to become one of the few Canadian retailers selected to carry their gorgeous and celebrated jewellery.

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Wanda and Jeff

Jeff surprised Wanda with a big proposal, while they were on holidays in Florida. Several months before leaving, he got the idea to propose in a hot air balloon, and he worked hard to pull it off. Getting through airport security without Wanda seeing the diamond ring was one of the trickiest parts.

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Toby and Meaghan

Toby and Meaghan met as camp counsellors, on a ball field. Toby says she was a ‘hard catch,’ insisting they just be friends at first.

On their first date they discovered a funny connection – each had an uncle that was currently away at a curling tournament in Victoria. Toby laughs that his first thought was, ‘I hope we don’t have the same uncle!’

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