Wanda and Jeff

Jeff surprised Wanda with a big proposal, while they were on holidays in Florida. Several months before leaving, he got the idea to propose in a hot air balloon, and he worked hard to pull it off. Getting through airport security without Wanda seeing the diamond ring... read more

Jennifer and Matt

Matt first noticed Jennifer in their first year university accounting class, 4 years before they started dating. “She definitely caught my eye,” he says. Jennifer knew Matt was ‘the one’ after their first vacation. They went to Gros Morne for a... read more

Terry and Krissy

Terry and Krissy will sheepishly tell you they met online. Krissy’s mother loved right away that Terry was polite and opened the door for her, instead of just beeping the horn like some previous dates. Terry planned to propose on a trip to Montreal, but after... read more

Dave and Lindsay

Dave and Lindsay got engaged at Fort Amherst. Lindsay wasn’t expecting it when Dave picked her up from work and wouldn’t tell her where they were going. After hiking to the top of the hill, he proposed. Dave says he wasn’t worried that she’d... read more

Toby and Meaghan

Toby and Meaghan met as camp counsellors, on a ball field. Toby says she was a ‘hard catch,’ insisting they just be friends at first. On their first date they discovered a funny connection – each had an uncle that was currently away at a curling... read more

Dana and Adam

Dana and Adam met in their high school Enterprise class – Dana jokes that he didn’t like her at the time. Adam proposed by cutting ‘will you marry me?’ into Bristol board, then putting in the trunk of his truck with some champagne, some glasses... read more

Shauna and Chris

Says Shauna of her relationship with Chris: “We were introduced by a friend at Topsail Beach about 6 years ago, and ever since we first talked, we’ve been inseparable.” Chris bought her engagement ring almost 3 months before he proposed. He was waiting for their... read more

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