As the official timekeeper of the Olympics, OMEGA is not actually a corporate sponsor of the games. Instead, they are hired by the IOC to provide timing excellence and accuracy where 1/1000th of a second makes the difference between the colour of the medal – or no medal at all.

When the world’s best winter athletes compete for victory at PyeongChang 2018, OMEGA will serve as Official Timekeeper again – measuring every glorious moment and recording every dream – for the 28th time in Olympic Games history.

From the start line to the scoreboard, OMEGA has been in charge of every second of every event since 1932.


Over the years, they have developed and introduced the most cutting-edge timekeeping equipment in the world, including the starting pistol, touchpads for swimming and the Scan-O-Vision photo finish camera which can capture 10,000 digital images per second.

As Official Timekeeper, OMEGA will send 300 timekeepers and 230 tons of equipment. They will also have 350 trained volunteers on the ground to help support their massive operation.

With their globally recognized expertise and attention to detail, we are proud to be the only OMEGA vendor in Atlantic Canada. We have been partnered with OMEGA for about two years, and we’re continually impressed with their beautiful timepieces in our showcases. 

We wish our Canadian athletes all the luck in the world as they ready themselves to compete in PyeongChang – and we have no doubt we’ll be counting down many OMEGA-vetted seconds in the weeks to come.

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