Our bridal specialists have helped hundreds of couples find their dream engagement rings. We’re honoured to be included in their journeys, because it’s not ‘just’ a piece of jewellery – it’s a piece of their lives.

To Surprise or Not To Surprise

A ring is a big purchase, but there’s no need to be stressed – we will literally hold your hand, helping you find a beautiful ring in your budget that you’ll both love. Actually, the most difficult decision is also the first one you have to make – are you going to completely surprise your significant other, or are you going to take him or her ring shopping before you propose?

Primarily, of course, you want to make your partner happy, but you might not know what approach to take. Thankfully, we have an easy answer to the question of ‘to surprise or not to surprise,’ and the answer is the same for everyone: come in for a consultation first.

Make the decision to come in by yourself, and together we can figure out the best approach for you and your partner.

There’s no rush. Our first meeting is always simply a ‘get-to-know-you’ affair. We usually have several meetings before you decide on a ring, so there’s never any pressure to buy. Come in alone, and we’ll simply talk about budget, address your questions and concerns, and educate you a little about your options.

Because this is a big purchase with lots to consider, we do recommend that you call or email beforehand to set up an appointment – this ensures we have enough time set aside to focus on you.

And if you really want to surprise your partner with the ring and proposal, our consultations are crucial to help minimize some of the risk involved in shopping alone. We’ve learned the right questions to ask to help our clients narrow down their options to ones most likely to match their partners’ styles and make their hearts jump.

But bear in mind if you do decide to surprise, there is a risk involved. The proposal may be unexpected, but we can promise that people dream about their wedding and engagement rings for a long time. 

Ultimately, surprising your beloved is wonderful and romantic, but it can lead to mistakes on what should be a rewarding life-time purchase. So we usually recommend a quick bridal consultation with your partner to ensure that your gift is perfect, while still staying within your budget.

Ring Shopping Together

Ring shopping together is a fun, easy way to ensure your gift is perfect. It’s a pressure-free opportunity for you both to explore your options. We’re not going to discuss budget or look at diamonds – that’s something to focus on later. For now, we’re simply trying on rings.

When you bring your soon-to-be-betrothed into our store, you’ll both meet with your bridal consultant, who’s on a fact-find mission: what is your partner’s ring size?  Style preferences? Dream ring? And after they’ve seen their dream rings on their fingers, do they still love it as much?

We’ll help your significant other figure out what type of ring she loves, what matches his lifestyle, and what will work best with the type of wedding ring she wants, too.

If you’ve poked around online, you already know that there’s lots of consider when buying a diamond ring (the 4Cs are just the start). We simplify all that information, guiding and educating you both so that you can focus on what’s really important: what makes your partner happy.

We’ve had countless clients tell us how grateful they were to be included in this process, enjoying the opportunity to learn more about what types of rings and styles are available to them. In fact, even when they have a style in mind, quite frequently tastes change once people actually see what they look like on their fingers.

Throughout this process, we’ll be taking notes, to help you make your final choice later.  You’re welcome to take as much time as you need and come back to see us as often as you’d like – always pressure free.

And we find that ring shopping together can be equally as romantic as the surprise. Trust us – no one has ever been upset that their partner arranged an afternoon of trying on diamonds. We often recommend that you don’t let her know you’ve made the appointment – it makes for a really fun surprise on its own.

The final ring and diamond will be your choice – and still a surprise. We’ve also love helping clients dream up really fun, exciting ways to propose, whether their partner knows it’s coming or not.

We’ve found that even if they suspect a proposal is coming, it’s still just as exciting. Remember that your proposal is about your future together, and about showing that you care enough to take the time to make everything right, right down to the last detail – including the ring.

Finally, when you decide to come in, especially on Saturdays, we recommend that you make an appointment, by calling 754-9497 or emailing info@diamonddesign.com. This allows us to have enough time set aside to properly answer all your questions and concerns.

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