If you’re looking for romantic proposal ideas in St. John’s, then Diamond Design client Nathan has taken the cake. This Christmas, he surprised girlfriend Jameila with a proposal under the lights at Bowring Park, and the result was stunning.

Jameila and Nathan have been together for almost 6 years. They met at Youth Parliament, and began dating about a year later. There’s no wedding date set yet, but they’re planning on getting married in about two years.

Nathan is an avid watch collector and has been a long time friend here at Diamond Design. We’re honoured that he chose us when it came time to make this significant purchase.

These photos were all captured by Maddie Mills of Maddie Mills Photography, a wedding, lifestyle, love, and family photographer who is clearly dedicated to her craft – even if that means staking out her subjects on a chilly December evening!

“When Nathan reached out to me about photographing his proposal to Jameila, I was thrilled,” says Maddie. “It sounded so sweet and romantic, and I was happy to work with him to create this magical moment for them both…

I was certainly chilly as I hid in the bushes and behind bridges at Bowring Park, and I even almost got caught as they came up behind me! Luckily, I had just hidden in time and jumped out to capture the moment he popped the question.”

Jameila’s beautiful engagement ring was created with the help of Rhonda, one of our expert bridal consultants. Rhonda designed it with Jameila’s specific tastes in mind, creating a custom ring with a Lazare Kaplan centre diamond.

Like many of our clients, Nathan wasn’t sure whether or not to include Jameila in the ring selection process. We are always more than happy to provide expert guidance, whether or not the ring is a surprise – read more about how we can help you navigate this choice here.

Ultimately, as you can see, Jameila’s ring is a showstopper. And, more important to us, it’s a personalized choice, uniquely suited to Jameila, that we hope and trust she will be happy to wear everyday for the rest of her life.

Congratulations once again to Jameila and Nathan, and thank you for including us on this first step of your new journey. Thank you also to Maddie Mills Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos.

We know there were lots more Diamond Design proposals over the holidays. We’ll be sharing photos from our recently engaged couples on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure you’re following us there. And if you’re one of those happy couples, we’d love to share some of your photos, too – so please reach out and get in touch!

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