Becky & Daniel

It was a great experience

The Process

Working with Sharon, Daniel involves Becky in the design process, while still keeping the final ring a surprise. 

Like many of our clients, Daniel designed Becky’s ring with Sharon, involving Becky just enough to get the details right, without ruining the surprise.

When someone is deciding to propose, the first question is often a tricky one: whether or not to let your partner help choose their ring, or to completely surprise them with the ring and the proposal.

The process Daniel chose is what we usually recommend. He had a meeting with Sharon first, and then decided on the next best steps with her.

In Daniel’s case, this meant bringing Becky in for a ring sizing, which proved to be invaluable. It also allowed Daniel and Sharon to further narrow down their options, based on Becky’s preferences.

Ultimately, Daniel designed Becky’s ring by himself – it was still a surprise when he proposed. But involving Becky in the process meant that it was just right – which Becky appreciates.

“I like the idea that my partner was able to make all the decisions on his own, and choose what he thought was beautiful and would make me happy” she says. “So I really look forward to knowing that when people ask me about my ring, I’ll be able to say, ‘well, Daniel designed it.’ I think that’s special. I got to put my two cents in for sure, but I’m happy that he got to go through that experience and choose everything. It will be exactly what he wants and I’m sure exactly what I want as well.”

She is brilliant and shining

The Ring

Sharon helps Daniel design a ring that reflects Becky perfectly. 

Daniel and Becky both laugh when they remember the rings that Becky initially saved while doing research on Instagram and Pinterest. They were beautiful – and, it turns out, in the forty thousand dollar range. 

That’s why Daniel is grateful he chose to work with Sharon, who helped him create an equally beautiful ring, but with a realistic budget. 

“Sharon provided the tools to be able to create the ring that she always imagined, but meet the price range that I had available,” he says. 

While working with Sharon, Daniel learned that despite all the characteristics of diamonds, what really matters is how much a diamond sparkles. He learned that the right diamond can stand alone, without other smaller diamonds supporting it. 

“That is the same way I see Becky,” he says, “in that she doesn’t need anything else. She is brilliant and shining to me. And I think the diamond that I am choosing is very much that. And I’m excited to give it to her.”