Diamond Design Brings Back
The Iconic Birks Blue Box


Diamond Design is over the moon to bring our clients an exciting new offering. We are getting ready to open a new Birks Boutique in our showroom in November. 

The infamous Birks brand has evolved away from opening new stores to now creating wonderful specialty jewellery boutiques that will be resident in premium jewellery addresses across the US, Canada and the UK.

This new direction in growth resulted in Birks recently being awarded the World Branding Award in the Retail Jewellery Division – demonstrating their successful new approach to making the brand more widely available and the popularity of their designs.

Our owner, Pat Thompson, shares our enthusiasm and believes Birks will be a wonderful fit with the many world class jewellery and watch brands that already find a home at Diamond Design. 

What you can expect to see

With unparalleled variety, Diamond Design will be showcasing eleven distinctly different collections.
From Birks Bee Chic™ to Birks Starry Night™ and Birks Rock & Pearl™.

November Launch & Special Birks Day

To kick things off, Saturday November 3rd will be Birks Boutique Launch Day at Diamond Design. Norma Button, Head of Birks award winning Boutique Division will be here to say hello and show you the new collection.

More information to follow in our November In The Loupe e-newletter – please subscribe now to stay up to date on this and more. Stay tuned! 

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