A Proposal In Bowring Park

man proposing in bowring park

Design Consultant Rhonda’s client Joe put a lot of thought into his proposal to his girlfriend Margarita – both in choosing the perfect ring, and in choosing the perfect moment to pop the question. First, Rhonda helped him custom design a unique ring inspired by Margarita’s name.

Then, after much deliberation (and many hours researching ideas on YouTube), Joe planned a very meaningful proposal in Bowring Park.

Located in the heart of the St. John’s, NL, Bowring Park is a beloved and beautiful space. It also happened to be where Margarita’s family were having their annual photo shoot that year. Joe thought it offered the perfect opportunity.

“Family is a really big part of Margarita’s life,” Joe says. “And so I wanted her to be with her family during the proposal.”

Margarita’s family were in on the secret (Joe had also asked her mom for permission). And Joe also enlisted a friend to help set up a special surprise for Margarita at the end of the photo shoot.

The family photo shoot started like any other, except this was the first time Joe had joined in. Joe knew that the last shooting location would be at the popular swan lake. So he and his friend had hung 30 special photos there – one for each of the 30 months the couple had been together.

And there was a little mat laid out, where Joe could kneel and propose.

“I was so nervous,” Joe says, “that I almost gave her the whole box! But I remembered at the last minute to give her the ring. It was a blur.”


The moment may have been a blur, but it was perfect, too. Margarita loved having her family there to witness the moment, and they all went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate. And they now also have stunning photos to remember the day. 

“It all went according to plan,” Joe says. “I think it worked out very, very well with the ring and the whole moment, that we could share it not only with one another but with our whole family as well.”

woman wearing new custom engagement ring

Margarita said yes, of course, and she loved her ring.

“It’s very eye catching,” she says. “I think I stared ay my ring for hours and hours at first, just admiring how beautiful it was. And still today I get a lot of compliments.”

Rhonda helped Joe custom design the ring. Margarita’s full name in Spanish means ‘Daisy Rose Palm Tree,’ so he wanted something that was floral themed.

Before he met with Rhonda, Joe had no idea rings could be custom made. Rhonda explained the process and drew some sketches, which eventually turned into Margarita’s beautiful ring.

engagement ring design sketches

Sometimes custom designing a ring means building it from scratch, like Rhonda helped Joe do. With over 20 years experience, our Design Consultants are also design experts, and they can help create stunning pieces like Margarita’s. 

Many times, however, a ring needs only a small amount of custom work to make it just right – for example, by changing a diamond’s colour or shape. Custom work is often about modification, not creating something brand new.

So when our Design Consultants help clients design rings, they first help identify what they like and can afford, and what will look the most beautiful on her finger. Then their either tweak design elements on an existing ring to make it perfect, or they design something completely unique, all while staying in budget. 

For their part, Joe and Margarita were so happy with the engagement ring that they went back to Rhonda to find their wedding rings, too. Margarita in particular was happy to find a band to compliment her ring perfectly (learn more about wedding rings at Diamond Design here).

“For me, getting engaged is such an important thing, and it was so comforting to have a team that really genuinely cared about our proposal date and how I was going to propose. I definitely needed help,” Joe says. “But I was working with Rhonda and she knew what to do. So I didn’t have to worry about anything on that front.”

That meant Joe was able to focus on making the proposal perfect instead – which he did!