Diamond jewellery is dazzling, sparkling and eye-catching. In a word – beautiful. It never goes out of style and looks fabulous with everything you wear and everywhere you go. For all those reasons, it deserves lots of tender loving care. Here are five tips for giving your diamond jewellery that special treatment.

1. Ask Your Jeweller
Before you leave the showroom, be sure to ask your jeweller for expert advice on individualized care for your new diamond jewellery. You may need to be aware of something unique to your piece such as guarantee commitments or warranties. You can extend the life of your jewellery by having your jeweller regularly inspect it to ensure that your diamonds and the prongs that hold them in place are in good condition.

2. Protect Your Investment
Your home insurance policy provides ‘some’ level of protection against loss or theft with a cap on maximum claim value. To ensure your better pieces are fully protected against accidental damage and mysterious loss, consider adding your jewellery as a ‘scheduled item’ to the policy.

We provide complimentary appraisals for all items purchased at Diamond Design. Our in-house Gemmologist is also available to provide appraisals and valuations on any other pieces you may wish to insure. We recommend you have your appraisals updated every two years. 

3. Gentle & Easy Cleaning 
Gentle cleaning of your diamond jewellery can restore much of its sparkle, especially if it’s been stored away for a while. A mixture of mild dish soap and lukewarm water in a bowl can do wonders – even a gentle swish through the soapy mixture can produce great results. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

4. Make Them The Last Thing You Put On 
While you’re getting ready to go out, you’re putting spray and other products into your hair, and applying fragrances, creams and lotions around the area of your face, neck, ears and hands. If you put your jewellery on beforehand, it could soon be coated in the residue of all those beauty products and fragrances. All this build-up can see your diamonds go from dazzling to dull in a very short space of time.

5. Store Them Properly 
Some diamond earrings and neckpieces are long and flowing, a cascade of sparkle and pizzazz. Because they can come in all shapes and sizes, good storage is a must. You want plenty of room in a large, soft-sided storage box so that the pieces can lie flat without having to be folded back onto themselves.

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