No need to go any further than Diamond Design to find something stylish and sophisticated for that extra-special someone this Christmas. We hand pick only the best pieces from around the world – Italy, Germany, Bali, Fiji, New York & California … And we’re pleased to offer the most extensive and exclusive collection of luxury jewellery in Atlantic Canada.

That means we have stunning diamond hoop earrings from Germany, high-style enamel bangles from Italy, colourful and expressive jewellery from California, classic culture pearls from Japan and Tahiti … and of course, lots more.

Our jewellery consultants are highly knowledgeable and know exactly which questions to ask to help you narrow down your many options. In our experience, this guidance is critical to choosing just the right gift for the fashion forward. So keep reading for some of our highly recommended, in-store pieces with international flare.



Fope stacking bracelets

Fope is a fourth generation, family-owned Italian company focused on originality of design and material innovation. We love these gold bracelets from their Eka collection, available in yellow, white and the now very popular rose gold.


Handcrafted in Italy, SOHO’s high-style and colourful enamel bangles perfectly compliment any outfit – work, play or formal. And they look gorgeous stacked with other pieces, too. They’re available in a wide variety of colours, to match any jewellery wardrobe.


Simon G

With a stunning array of diamond bracelets and more jewellery available, Simon G jewellery is built to last a lifetime and beyond. Gorgeous designs meet attention to detail, for a look that is all-California and completely beautiful.


Tacori Jewellery

Our beautifully colourful and expressive jewellery from Tacori is handcrafted with extraordinary care by artisans in California. This Tacori Island Rains Floating Bezel Necklace, for example, is particularly lovely (and was the prize in our very popular summer giveaway contest).  Made with Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold and Sky Blue Topaz,  the multifaceted, crystal-clear pendant sparkles brilliantly. It’s sure to freshen up just about any outfit.


Max Strauss Diamond Earrings

The world’s oldest diamond company, Max Strauss boasts a rich legacy and tradition of exquisitely crafted, fine quality diamond jewellery. Masters of the ‘Ideal Cut’ diamond, less then 3 percent of diamond cuts meet their superior standards. This ensures brilliant jewellery – and brilliant diamond earrings – that stand the test of time.

Japan & Tahiti


With classic cultured pearls from the South Pacific, family-owned BelPearl procures the most exceptional pearls, to create the most exceptional jewellery. This collection includes South Sea pearls from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, rare pink pearls from Japan, naturally dark Tahitian pearls, and traditional white Akoya pearls from Japan.


John Hardy Jewelley

We’re proud to be one of only 4 jewellery stores in Canada to carry the exclusive, and beautiful, John Hardy line. Handcrafted by artisans and inspired by the natural and spiritual beauty of Bali, John Hardy designs are globally revered for their beauty and Sustainable Luxury™.

To see a larger selection of John Hardy jewellery currently available, please see here. John Hardy also boasts an attractive men’s line, which we’re proud to carry.

There are so many ways we can help you wrap up your Christmas in style, and we’ve extended our holidays hours to serve you better this season. Please contact 754-9497 if you have questions, and remember that gift certificates are also available. And please let us know in the comments if any of these pieces have caught your fancy!

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