Stacking bracelets is one of our favourite trends this year – and one of our top gift recommendations this holiday season. We have hand painted enamels from Soho, hand-crafted silver and semi-precious stones from John Hardy, 18K gold in every colour from Fope, and silver, gold and diamond confections from Vahan. They work with everything, from jeans to a little black dress.

We love this trend because it’s easy and versatile. Wear them all or mix them up. Play with different brands, styles and colours, on one arm or both, stacked up to your elbows or with just a few of your favourites – all combinations are beautiful, which allows your unique personality to shine.

And because they work with just about any jewellery wardrobe, stacking bracelets make great gifts. Here are some of our favourite pieces currently available this season.

Fope Gold Bracelets

From their Eka collection and instantly recognizable, these pieces are available in yellow, white and rose gold.

Silverfope Bracelets

Silverfope™ pieces are made with precious silver and palladium alloy which will not tarnish, boasting a lustrous, wholly natural finish. Perfect statement pieces for women who love the contemporary look.

Vahan Gold and Stirling Silver Bracelets

These Vahan pieces are available in 14K gold and sterling silver, the perfect mix of classic and elegant. They compliment each other beautifully, and immediately enhance any pieces they’re paired with.

SOHO Silver Bracelets

Meticulously handcrafted in Italy, our SOHO bracelets are versatile and interchangeable, with a beautiful enamel finish. Available in many colours.

John Hardy Legends Naga Dragon Bracelet

An easy way to bring your bracelet stacking to the next level! This statement piece speaks volumes, alone or in a crowd. Made with Silver and 18K Gold, it’s part of the John Hardy Legends Collection.


With extended holiday hours, we’re here to help you wrap up your Christmas with style. Please call 754-9497 with any questions.

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