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Just because a ring is custom built, that doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive or designed from scratch. Over 90% of wedding and engagement rings sold at Diamond Design involve some amount of custom work, as our Design Consultants walk couples through the process of finding their dream ring. Whatever your needs, our experts are primed to help.

At Diamond Design, we’re devoted to helping couples find their dream ring.

Our experienced Design Consultants help clients navigate their many choices. The process starts by exploring the hundreds of sample rings we have in store. From there, we begin the fun journey of discovering, and often designing, the ring they’ll be happy to wear every day for the rest of their lives.

Finding The Right Elements

In our experience, most people who are shopping for an engagement ring aren’t necessarily planning to design it. They simply want a unique, special ring that fits their personality.

Many people come in to our store with a ring style in mind. However, once they try on rings, they begin to understand that how a ring looks on their own hands may not live up to pictures they like (similar to how a wedding dress chosen from a picture might not ‘work’ either). But that doesn’t mean they have to scratch their ideas completely – often, there are elements that we can still keep from their original preferences.

For example, changing a diamond’s colour or shape may be all that’s needed to make an otherwise flat ring really pop.

In this sense, custom work is often about modification, not creating something brand new. So when our Design Consultants help clients design rings, they help identify what they like and can afford, tweaking design elements to find what looks absolutely beautiful on their finger.

Finding The Right Budget

Identifying the design elements that will make a ring special doesn’t have to mean the ring will be significantly more expensive.

In fact, especially when a ring seems out of reach, our Design Consultants can help modify the diamond, for example, to make it more affordable.

In our experience, custom modifications using simple elements are often no more expensive than a ring ‘off the rack.’ That’s because our Design Consultants are committed to finding what works.

Our Specialty

Our Design Consultants work with you every step of the journey, helping you clarify whether or not you need any custom work.

Not every ring has to be tweaked. Given our extensive selection of beautiful rings and hand selected diamonds, many couples will be able to find their dream ring right out of our showcase.

It’s not necessarily complicated to modify a ring or even design from scratch when you have experience.

What’s more difficult is designing a ring that you will love for a lifetime – one that fits your life, your career and activities, your existing jewellery and your personal style. Our wealth of experience means we can advise clients to help them make the right choices.

The Right Advice

When you work with our Design Consultants, they can help you avoid making mistakes when it comes to designing and finding your ring.

For example, a popular ring choice today is a very simple, small band, with a big, stand alone diamond. These rings are popular for a reason – they’re gorgeous.

But this type of delicate ring is not appropriate for many professions – for example, people who work in the health care industry. If they want to be able to wear their ring every day, we need to adjust the design a little bit – so that it incorporates the striking beauty of the original, but in a more liveable way.

So working with a Design Consultant isn’t just about the ring – it’s about the right advice. Our consultants are able to bring beautiful elements together to make sure it’s perfect in every way.

In fact, we won’t build a ring unless we know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with it.

Learn more about the process of working with a Diamond Design consultant here.

Shop Together

In general, because custom rings are so personalized and because they cannot be returned, we recommend that couples design their engagement ring together.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to surprise your partner with the ring, please see our advice here.

If you are committed to surprising your partner, but know they would like to custom design their ring, come in and meet with our consultants. They can help you find a simple ring that can be modified at a later date.

Designing From Scratch

Of course, many couples come in to Diamond Design planning to design their ring from scratch, and we are happy to accommodate them.

For these clients, the process is similar. We still begin by trying on many ring styles and types, as we build a picture of what looks best. And of course, like always, our Design Consultants will be on a fact-finding mission to understand what type of ring will be just right. Once that’s established, the fun design work can begin.

We work with clients on custom design rings and jewellery year-round, as well as in semi-annual custom events. In these pre-booked appointments, we create your custom design on-site, along with estimates.

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“Custom work is often about modification, not creating something brand new. Our Design Consultants can help tweak design elements to find what looks absolutely beautiful on your finger. “

– Diamond Design

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