Dana and Adam met in their high school Enterprise class – Dana jokes that he didn’t like her at the time.

Adam proposed by cutting ‘will you marry me?’ into Bristol board, then putting in the trunk of his truck with some champagne, some glasses and the diamond. Faking a flat tire, he pulled into a parking lot.

Dana says, “I was angry because I didn’t want to pull into the parking lot. Then when I noticed he was down on one knee by the tire, I pretty much freaked out. It was a complete surprise!”

Adam knew he wanted the best for his future wife – if it didn’t wow him, it wouldn’t wow her. And he kept coming back to the Lazare diamond, sold exclusively in Newfoundland and Labrador by Diamond Design.

He proposed with just the diamond; Dana says, “I would have been happy with just that. I would have carried it around in a box all the time. But when I found out I could actually pair it with a ring, I was super excited.”

And like Shauna, Dana can’t believe how sparkly it is: “I get comments on how sparkly it is, and just how beautiful it is and sometimes when the sun hits it how blinding it is. It’s definitely a distraction when I’m driving … There should be a law against driving with a Lazare diamond on because I’m always distracted. Don’t tell the police.”

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