Valentine’s Day invites us to remember the ones we love and why we love them. And there are countless ways to say ‘I love you,’ big and small, all meaningful when they come from the heart.

Perhaps you’d like Valentine’s this year to be a bit different. Maybe you’re near a milestone anniversary, have personal reasons to celebrate, or simply want this year to be extra memorable.

If that’s the case, we invite you to consider the profound statement a specially chosen piece of jewellery or beautiful watch can make.

For Her

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to completely surprise your partner with a new, carefully selected piece for her jewellery wardrobe.  If she is an existing Diamond Design client, then we likely have a file of some of her in-store jewellery likes, making your choice quite easy.

Stacking bracelets are a great option for gift-giving, because they are very versatile and can be paired with just about any ensemble.  We have a wide selection of beautiful options –  hand painted enamels from Soho, hand-crafted silver and semi-precious stones from John Hardy, 18K gold in every colour from Fope, and silver, gold and diamond confections from Vahan.

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and can help you narrow down your many options. In our experience, their guidance is critical to choosing just the right gift.

More Lovely Choices

We call these ‘5 Table Earrings’ – because they’re so sparkly that you’ll notice them even 5 tables away in a dark restaurant. Available in a variety of carat weights.


You can never go wrong with pearls. Classic and sophisticated, they’re always beautiful and enhance any outfit.


Bracelets like these beautiful Vahan pieces make lovely gifts, because they can be mixed and matched with stunning effects.

For Him

Men are often neglected on Valentine’s, which is regrettable – in our experience, men are looking for romance just as much as women!

We have a nice selection of men’s jewellery, and we’re especially fond of the stunning John Hardy men’s jewellery line. Their sophisticated cuff links, neck pieces and men’s bracelets are attractive, masculine and on point. See a sample of our favourite pieces here.

And for a truly memorable gift, consider one of our Swiss-made, luxury watches. They’re stylish and pleasing, and truly last a lifetime  (and can be passed down to the next generation). We have a large selection of Rolex, TAG Heuer, OMEGA and Raymond Weil pieces, and our watch consultants will be happy to  help find the best option for your partner.

More Lovely Choices

The man who rocks a TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Blue Edition celebrates innovation, and looks stylish, too. This sports watch is classic yet contemporary and is inspired by the speed demons, risk-takers and dreamers of car racing. 


The OMEGA Moonwatch, the Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph, is the modern face of a classic chronograph.  As well as beautifully measuring every moment on Earth, it also follows the phases of the moon, which makes perfect sense given that the Speedmaster was the first watch ever to be worn on the lunar surface.


In function as well as in name, the Rolex GMT-Master II evokes intercontinental travel. It was designed in 1955 to allow airline pilots to read the time in two different time zones simultaneously, thanks to its rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel and additional 24-hour hand.



If you’d like to book a pressure-free consultation to consider the options for your Valentine,
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Or simply visit us at Churchill Square – our jewellery and watch consultants will be waiting.

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