At Diamond Design, we’re pleased to provide a full suite of in-house, professional appraisal services, which includes holding regular appraisal clinics with our certified gemmologist, Julie Deriaz FGA, P.Geo, B.Sc(Hons). Our next clinic is coming up August 25-27.

Up to date appraisals of your jewellery are critical to maintaining adequate insurance protection, especially with the fluctuating dollar and price of gold. You may also want to determine the value or authenticity of your jewellery for estate and tax purposes.

As Pat explains above, when you bring your jewellery and/or watches to our clinics, Julie will clean, inspect and photograph your piece. She will then test, grade, identify, value and appraise your jewellery. A written report will be generated within two weeks, and will be available in print or digitally.

We also offer private appraisal appointments with Julie – learn more about all the appraisal services we offer here.

To take advantage of this August’s clinic, please drop-off pieces in-store by August 24. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (709) 754-9497 or

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