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Complete Guide to Engagement Rings

Every diamond at Diamond Design is hand selected for extra brilliance, and we offer Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest and finest selection of engagement rings, as well as expert custom design work. Our consultants help you look diamond by diamond and ring by ring to find (or design) the one that is absolutely perfect. Here’s a quick guide to get you started, but remember: nothing beats seeing a ring in person to understand how it truly makes you feel.

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To start, understanding your own personal style (or your partner’s), can make it easier to find the ring that you’ll love forever. If you’re not sure what your personal style is yet, don’t worry – we will explore your options with you. You’ll try on as many rings as you need to find the one that will make your heart stop every time you see it.

Work With A Design Consultant

We take time to give every customer a hands-on education. Your first meeting with one of our specialists is always a simple consultation, where they’ll educate you and help you navigate your many options.To ensure enough time to focus on you, we recommend appointments for bridal consultations, which are always pressure free.

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A diamond’s shape is the first thing you’ll notice in an engagement ring. Note that many jewellers and online stores will call this a diamond’s ‘cut.’ At Diamond Design, we only use ‘cut’ to describe a diamond’s brilliance (not its shape), and we use cut to help clients find prettier diamonds in their budget. Learn more about the importance of diamond cut here.

Your Unique Style

Part of ensuring you love your ring is ensuring that it’s exactly to your specifications. Over 90% of the rings we sell include some amount of customization. That can be as simple as adjusting mount sizes to fit your hand-selected diamond, or as complex as designing your ring from scratch. With over 60 years combined experience designing and customizing rings, this is where our Design Consultants really shine.

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Ring Type

Here are the main types of rings that you can expect when you visit Diamond Design.
Your Consultant will show you a wide sample of all our available rings to help you determine which is perfect for you.

To Surprise or
Not To Surprise

One of the biggest decisions when purchasing an engagement ring is also the first one you have to make: will you surprise your partner with the ring and proposal, or will you take them ring shopping with you, so they help find their dream ring? Find our recommendations here, including details on the process of shopping with your partner. In our experience, ring shopping together can be just as fun and surprising as the proposal.

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