Complete Guide to Engagement Rings

Every diamond at Diamond Design is hand selected for extra brilliance, and we offer Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest and finest selection of engagement rings, as well as expert custom design work. Our consultants help you look diamond by diamond and ring by ring to find (or design) the one that is absolutely perfect. Here’s a quick guide to get you started, but remember: nothing beats seeing a ring in person to understand how it truly makes you feel.

Please note that for your safety during this ‘new normal,’ we are sanitizing all rings between appointments and limiting the number of guests in our showroom. If you have any questions, please contact us.


To start, understanding your own personal style (or your partner’s), can make it easier to find the ring that you’ll love forever.  If you’re not sure what your personal style is yet, don’t worry – we will explore your options with you. You’ll try on as many rings as you need to find the one that will make your heart stop every time you see it. 



If you prefer a look that is simple and understated, you’ll likely love elegant solitaire or three-stone rings, channel or prong settings, and baguette details.



If you’re up on the trends and always in style, you might prefer open, fluid shank designs, creatively set details, micropavé diamonds and sleek channel-set side diamonds.



If you love Victorian or Edwardian styles or Art Deco period pieces, consider vintage details like halo settings, intricate milgrain, rose gold and side diamonds. 

Work With A
Design Consultant

We take time to give every customer a hands-on education. Your first meeting with one of our specialists is always a simple consultation, where they’ll educate you and help you navigate your many options.  To ensure enough time to focus on you, we recommend appointments for bridal consultations, which are always pressure free. 


A diamond’s shape is the first thing you’ll notice in an engagement ring. Note that many jewellers and online stores will call this a diamond’s ‘cut.’ At Diamond Design, we only use ‘cut’ to describe a diamond’s brilliance (not its shape), and we use cut to help clients find prettier diamonds in their budget. Learn more about the importance of diamond cut here. 


Round Brilliant

One of the more popular diamond shapes, so-called for its round shape and brilliant facet pattern. With no corners, when cut right this shape lets an explosion of light shine through. 

princess-cut engagement ring


Growing in popularity, this shape has a more square shape than round brilliant, but the same facet pattern – so that, when cut correctly, these diamonds really sparkle and shine, too. 

oval-cut engagement ring


Simple and gorgeous, an oval shape diamond with rounded edges can also let lots of light shine through. 

marquise-cut engagement ring


Shaped similar to a football, marquise diamonds are rounded in the middle with two points at each end. Sometimes called a navette shape, these diamonds are brilliant in the centre and make very pretty rings. 



So beautiful it is used for many types of jewellery, the light play in pear cut diamonds is quite stunning. Shaped like a drop of water, you may also see these referred to as ‘tear-drop’ diamonds. 


These triangle shaped diamonds can be the centre of an engagement ring, but they are more often used as accents on three stone rings, creating a striking look. Butted up again the edges of a princess shape diamond, for example, trilliant cut diamonds can make three smaller stones look like one big, beautiful diamond that is sure to get attention. 

emerald cut engagement ring


Sometimes called the ‘square emerald’ or ‘Asscher,’ this shape originates from Holland. These diamonds have eight sides, and can be cut in a variety of patterns. This shape is often a unique, simpler alternative to princess diamonds. 

cushion-cut engagement ring

Cushion Cut

A beautiful choice for vintage-styled rings, these diamonds have rounded corners and large facets that create lots of sparkle. 

radiant-cut engagement ring


A popular choice for those who love the classic feel of the emerald cut, but want the sparkling brilliance of the round classic. When cut properly, this rectangular shape can radiate light just like a round brilliant, creating a look that is both classic and stunning. 

Your Unique


Part of ensuring you love your ring is ensuring that it’s exactly to your specifications. Over 90% of the rings we sell include some amount of customization. That can be as simple as adjusting mount sizes to fit your hand-selected diamond, or as complex as designing your ring from scratch. With over 60 years combined experience designing and customizing rings, this is where our Design Consultants really shine.

Ring Type

Here are the main types of rings that you can expect when you visit Diamond Design.
Your Consultant will show you a wide sample of all our available rings to help you determine which is perfect for you. 

solitaire-cut diamond


Solitaire rings feature one solitary centre diamond standing alone. They’re classic, traditional, and elegant, and can be personalized with bands and wraps.



But you don’t have to stick to just one diamond. Sidestone rings flank a center stone with smaller ones for extra sparkle.

halo-cut engagement ring


In these rings, a ‘halo’ or ‘bloom’ of diamonds surround the centre diamond, creating extra brilliance for a unique, eye-catching effect. 

threestone ring

Three Stone

Rings with three diamonds offer a beautiful way to symbolize your past, present and future. 


Wedding Set Options

You can also choose to have rings that form a wedding set – meaning your engagement and wedding rings will fit together perfectly. They’re made for each other – just like you and your partner. 

To Suprprise or
Not To Surprise

One of the biggest decisions when purchasing an engagement ring is also the first one you have to make: will you surprise your partner with the ring and proposal, or will you take them ring shopping with you, so they help find their dream ring? Find our recommendations here, including details on the process of shopping with your partner. In our experience, ring shopping together can be just as fun and surprising as the proposal.  

The Lazare Diamond

We are proud to be the exclusive Newfoundland and Labrador retailer for the Lazare Diamond –
The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond™.  As their exclusive retailers, we see Lazare diamonds every day – and every day, they still take our breath away.

We call Lazare Diamonds ‘Four Table Rings’ because they sparkle so brightly you can still see them four tables away in a dimly lit restaurant. Simply put, Lazare diamonds are the best cut in the world, which is why they make for the prettiest engagement rings.

from our clients

We’re proud to help clients find their dream engagement rings, and nothing makes us happier than when they share their happy results. And since we clean your diamond ring free of charge as long as you own it, we love keeping in touch with our clients as their lives grow and change over the years.


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