Our Bridal Consultants work with couples to help them understand the nuances of ring shopping so they can make a perfect choice for themselves and for their future.  They are very good at what they do … but they are also very humble. So when they receive reviews like this from happy couples, we like to share. 

Thank you to Stephanie and Derek for your kinds words.

Says Stephanie,

“When Derek walked into Diamond Design and was approached by Sharon, she showed such a passion for her job, that it allowed him to gain trust in her knowledge and professionalism. Sharon wanted to inform him about rings and what he was really getting himself into. She made him understand the importance of choosing the right ring and knowing what he was choosing. Sharon made sure that Derek was not just looking for a ring but that he was educated on the finer details. He said, “She really took me to school!”

Every time I go back to Diamond Design, I feel that Sharon remembers me, which makes it a very inviting atmosphere.”

“After Derek popped the question, he was able to give me a lesson on the ring and spoke very highly of his customer service at Diamond Design. Once we returned from our Florida vacation, we visited Diamond Design to get the ring sized. Sharon welcomed us with a smile and has been very approachable. I have stopped into the store a few times to pick up my ring after sizing and to get it cleaned. Every time I go, I feel that Sharon remembers me, which makes it a very inviting atmosphere. I am in love with my Lazare Diamond. We highly recommend Diamond Design as their service is very personal and professional.

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