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We are proud to bring FREYWILLE to Newfoundland & Labrador. Handcrafted in Vienna and enjoyed across the globe, FREYWILLE (pronounced ‘fry ville’) puts the joy of art and the passion for creative power first.

This stunning line offers exquisite craftsmanship inspired by the world’s most beloved artists, including Van Gogh, Monet and Hundertwasser.

“Creativity is the source of everything we do. It is what drives us to produce artistic creations that inspire our clients and underline their personal style.”
-Dr Friedrich Wille
President and CEO, FREYWILLE

inspired by the

joy of living

Inspired by love, joy, passion and the paintings of the Masters, the FREYWILLE collection radiates elegance and timelessness. Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1951, this sought-after collection of beautiful bangles, rings, pendants and earrings bring the artists’ light and vision to life.

Explore the Collection

Enjoy this small sampling of the many wonderful FREYWILLE pieces we have in our showroom. To view our entire collection, please be sure to drop by between 9:00am and 5:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
We’d love to see you!


Hommage à Claude Monet
Mini-Creoles Earrings

The Mini-Creoles make a statement of style and sophistication. Every woman’s jewellery case should hold at least one pair of these classic earrings.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Pendant Heart

The Heart, the eternal symbol of love, affection and friendship, turned into an irresistible pendant by Freywille artists.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Luna Piena Pendant

Inspired by the harmony of the circle, FREYWILLE artists created the Luna Piena pendant  which, due to its size, shows off their artistically-designed fire enamel designs at their best.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Spring Bracelet

Featuring two precious fire enamel motifs in graduated sizes, this bangle is easy to open and close and sits comfortably on the wrist. An appealing and clever jewellery piece, it attracts attention day and night.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Ballerina Clasp Bangle

The Ballerina is the most delicate of FREYWILLE’s clasp bangles a beautiful and classic piece of jewellery. Elegant and versatile, it is the perfect companion for every occasion.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Miss Ring

Clear design and an artistically-decorated fire enamel surface result in a truly decorative piece of jewellery. In spite of (or because of) their elementary shape, these rings are real eye-catchers.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Bordered Diva Bangle

The bordered bangle Diva is a true classic–the pure shape and a surrounding artistically-designed fire enamel surface give it a timeless elegance.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Bordered Ultra Bangle

Like most FREYWILLE bangles, this piece comes in different widths – mix and match sizes for a truly eye-catching look.


Hommage à Claude Monet
Flower Pendant

A floral pleasure that last forever, this flower pendant is a happy addition to any outfit.


Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Helena Pendant

Clear and feminine, the HELENA Pendant’s circular shape radiates a calm strength and embodies timeless design. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery suitable for any occasion.


Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Waterdrop Pendant

Graceful like a dewdrop, the Waterdrop pendant displays all elements of a timeless classic: artistic design, weightless comfort and a unique, fascinating shape.

freywille van gogh bordered bangle

Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Bordered Donna Bangle

The bordered Donna bangle is a true classic – the pure shape and a surrounding artistically-designed fire enamel surface give it a timeless elegance.

Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Waterdrop Earrings

Graceful and elegant, these earrings unite all of the important elements: artistic design, weightless comfort and a decorative shape. This shape, along with the tones and colours, perfectly frame and flatter every face.

Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Bordered Miss Bangle

A bangle that makes a statement.

freywille van gogh half moon pendant

Hommage à Vincent van Gogh
Half-Moon Pendant

A pendant with character: the distinctive Half-Moon pendant allows the unique fire enamel design to shine on a generous surface.

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Contessa Clasp Bangle

The clasp bangle Contessa is a bracelet that becomes more narrow towards the closure. Its sophisticated design makes it a timeless and beautiful highlight of any ensemble.

freywille hunt pendant wave

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Wave Pendant

This curved wave pendant is an eye-catching beauty, guaranteeing all-day elegance.

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Diva Bordered Bangle

A true classic, combining a simple shape with a stunning surrounding artistically-designed fire enamel surface.

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Cabochon Earrings

Understatement with Style: these earrings are the cherry on top of every jewellery ensemble. Their shape allows them to be matched with other jewellery pieces, and they’re perfect for every occasion.

freywille pendant necklace

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Small Half Moon Pendant

This one-of-a-kind Small Half-Moon pendant showcases unique fire enamel designs in a discreetly elegant setting.

Hommage à Hundertwasser
Miss Bordered Bangle

The bordered Miss bangle is a true classic–the pure shape and a surrounding artistically-designed fire enamel surface give it a timeless elegance. 

Work With A 
Jewellery Expert

Working with one of our experts is the best way to ensure your new piece from FREYWILLE is a perfect fit for your unique style and lifestyle, or when you’re trying to find just the right gift. Consultations are always pressure-free. Simply drop by our store in Churchill Square anytime, or feel free to book a consultation below. 

model in freywille bangles
model in freywille bangles
model in freywille monet jewellery

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