Diamond Design couple Gerard and Amanda may have committed what they jokingly call a ‘corporate faux pas’ by falling in love and starting their relationship at the office they shared.

Working in different departments, it was clear to Gerard something was up when Amanda started bringing up single pieces of paperwork throughout the day, creating excuses to stop by and have a conversation.

“I could have brought them all at the same time, I guess, but what was the fun in that?” she jokes.

Chatting more and more eventually led to spending more time together. Their relationship progressed slowly, and they initially kept it hidden from their coworkers.

On their first ‘official’ date downtown, however, they ran into a coworker, and the jig was up – they knew it was time to make it official.

But Amanda really knew Gerard was ‘the one’ on the dance floor at an office Christmas party. “As funny as that might be,” she says, “it was the way he swept me around the dance floor – he had such grace but yet such strength. It was one of those literal sweep you off your feet moments.”

Gerard remembers that night, too, pointing out that “I fancy myself for a two step.” That night was an eye opener for him, also – a chance to stop and realize that maybe, in his words, “this person in the office had potential to be more than a person in the office.”

Office romances might not be for everyone, but for Gerard and Amanda, meeting at work was a real testing ground for their relationship. They work in a busy office, with long hours and lots of commuting.

Says Amanda, “it was his presence that got me through it. You start seeing you’re a good team. Now, we can have our productive work day, we can separate that, and then you can come home, get your supper, and help each other through life. Because life can be hard … for me, I was looking for a team player, someone to play on my team.”

“I think we make a pretty good team,” Gerard adds, and they both laugh.

Gerard and Amanda bought their engagement ring and eventually their wedding rings at Diamond Design, through a series of bridal appointments. Gerard first came in a few times by himself, and says he appreciated Rhonda’s discretion and dedication, and that she followed up with phone calls and emails.

“It’s an investment and something that your significant other was going to wear and love for rest of their life, so they kind of steered me in the right direction, and from then on it was nothing but help. They really cater to you. It’s not about pushing the product … they want you to be happy and love what you’re taking out of the store.”

We recommend making appointments for bridal consultations, so that our bridal specialists can give you the same attentive service they gave Gerard and Amanda. To book yours, please call (709) 754-9497 or email info@diamondesign.com.

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