Why we want to own watches plays a huge part in the watches that we want to own. There are those of us who chase status. Those of us who covet rarity. Those of us who want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. And then there are those of us who just want something that makes us feel.

Timepieces have always been a big part of cinematic storytelling. In 2014, the futuristic blockbuster Interstellar hit movie theaters, captivating audiences with its special effects, intriguing plot and the love story between a father and his daughter.

The Khaki Field Murph is one of the main emotional links between the two main characters. ‘The Murph’ is the affectionate name given by fans of the movie to the Hamilton watch that stars in the film and is integral to the plot.

It was clear that fans of the movie wanted an opportunity to own a piece of cinema history that means something to them. Now that Hamilton is celebrating their cinema year, they’ve made the Khaki Field Murph.

With its 42 mm stainless steel case, black dial, beige Super-LumiNova® inlaid hands, H-10 automatic movement with 80-hour power reserve and black leather strap, the Khaki Field Murph is an exact reproduction of the movie watch.

The only difference in this new Murph is that the word ‘Eureka’ is printed in lacquer in Morse code on the seconds hand, which will have special significance for Interstellar fans. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d never see it: it is barely visible to the naked eye. For those in on the secret, it’s clear to see.


Hamilton has even developed a special box which was inspired by the famous tesseract from the film. Just 2,555 of these special boxes have been produced. The colored stripes recall the inside of the Supercube where Cooper is when he discovers he can communicate with Murph through time and space.

We have received one of these collectible Murph watches in the Supercube box ($1,230 + HST).
Please contact us at info@diamonddesign.com for more information.

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