Margarita and Joe


Joe Goes Ring Shopping

Joe has an idea for Margarita’s ring, which Rhonda helps turn into reality.

Joe originally chose to look for Margarita’s engagement ring at Diamond Design because he had a relationship with owner Pat Thompson, and he quickly developed a great relationship with Rhonda, his Design Consultant.

Joe knew very little about jewellery before looking for Margarita’s ring. “I wanted something significant – I wanted it to mean something because the ring is going to last forever,” he remembers.

Because Maragrita’s name means ‘daisy,’ in Spanish, and her middle name Rosa means ‘rose,’ Joe also wanted the ring to have a floral theme – although he wasn’t sure how to do that.

“I had no idea you could customize a ring,” he says. “Rhonda basically opened up the options of customization so that I could make this moment really, really special.” After telling Rhonda his idea, she started to work on sketches with him. She eventually helped design a layered ring with the shape of a rose, with diamonds on each petal. Joe thought it was perfect.

Thankfully, Margarita thinks it’s perfect, too, and she loves the work Joe put into it.

“I love my ring,” she says. “I feel it’s extra special when somebody thinks of you and creates something with you in mind.”

engagement ring design sketches

Working WIth Rhonda

Joe and Margarita take great comfort working with an expert. 

Joe remains very grateful to Pat and Rhonda for all their help. He loved having someone who could help explore options and answer questions.

“They have this magic of making you feel very welcome, and I think you can feel that throughout Diamond Design,” he says. “It’s so comforting to have a team that really genuinely cares for you and how you’re going to propose, and they’re going to help you through the whole process.” 

When Joe first met Rhonda, he was pleasantly surprised that she started with the couple first, not the ring. Rhonda wanted to know all about Margarita, and about what Joe wanted to say with the ring. “The person came before the ring,” he remembers.

All this extra support gave Joe more confidence. “I was very nervous, but after talking to them I was very confidant that I was going to nail my proposal,” he says, laughing.

For her part, Margarita was excited to come back to Diamond Design for her wedding ring. Rhonda helped her find a band to compliment her unique ring.

“They just look beautiful,” she says. “They belong together.”

Margarita’s ring

Joe and Margarita are still happy with their choice. 

The couple have now been married for over a year, but Margarita reports that she still gets lots of compliments on her unique ring.

“It’s very eye catching,” she says. “At first I just stared at it for hours and hours, just admiring how beautiful it is.”

Joe is happy that he trusted his instinct, instead of shopping online. He appreciated having someone to guide him through what were for him very uncharted waters. “The ring is going to last a lifetime,” he says. “So it is an investment and something you don’t want to just get online. Because a diamond is more than just a material. It is a symbol of love. That’s really what Diamond Design means to me and means to us in our relationship.”

Margarita agrees.

“Every time I look at my ring, I just don’t see a ring. I see the person behind it who gave it to me.”

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