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Empower & Inspire

For Monica Rich Kosann, jewellery has to be more than beautiful. It has to empower and inspire. They create pieces that will inspire you, tell your story and make you stronger.

Our Monica Rich Kosann collections are rooted in your personal storytelling. Choose the pieces that reflect your individual journey. Delivering more quality in every piece, these high quality lockets and gems are built to be a permanent part of your life for generations.

“Before I started as a designer, I wondered why is nobody making lockets that are young, contemporary and sexy. That was my first defining moment. The second came when I realized that what we put in our lockets was empowering and told our stories. I decided that jewellery should not just be beautiful. As women, it should inspire us and make us stronger. All the collections we offer have that as their guiding principle.”
-Monica Rich Kosann


Monica Rich Kosann charms and lockets are sexy, modern and timeless. With their high quality standards, it is easy for you to fill them with inspirational quotes, mantras, places you have visited, celebrations, family… anything you can imagine.

These pieces are built with fine materials and expert craftsmanship, making them sure to be a permanent part of your life for generations.

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To see all the pieces currently available in our Monica Rich Kosann collection,
please drop by anytime between 9am-5:30, Tuesday through Saturday.
For all lockets below, you’ll hear a ‘click’ when you shut them, an indication of the heirloom quality craftsmanship on these beautiful pieces.   

Slim Cushion ‘Viv’ Locket

Slim, fresh, and modern with a streamlined side profile that is barely there. It’s the locket you will never take off.

Round Vine Locket

This large locket is always a customer favorite, this Vine-Patterned Locket hangs from a 30″ oval-link chain on a swivel clasp and can hold two photos. Photos easily slide in the top of each image case.


Slim Oval ‘Eve’ Locket

Sterling Silver
18″ Sterling Silver Chain, with loops at 16″ & 17″ for adjustability
3/16″ Slim Side Profile
Locket is 10/16″ tall & 1/2″ wide
Holds Two Images. Images easily push into the inside of the locket.

Heart Locket with White Sapphires

Sterling Silver
Set with White Sapphires
17” Sterling Silver Chain or 17” Black Steel Chain with a loop at 17” for adjustability
Locket Measures 1″ Tall, ¾” Wide
Holds Two Images. Images easily slide in from the top of the locket.

Slim Rectangle Locket

Sterling Silver
18″ Sterling Silver Chain, with loops at 16″ & 17″ for adjustability
3/16″ Slim Side Profile
Locket is 3/4″ tall & 1/2″ wide
Holds Two Images. Images easily push into the inside of the locket.


Four Image ‘Midi’ Sapphire Locket

This Sterling Silver Sapphire ‘Midi’ locket holds your images, notes or anything that inspires you. Your stories are important to us. The craftsmanship, hinged doors, and moving parts in these four image lockets will keep those stories safe.


Rock Crystal Miniature Keys Necklace

Sterling Silver
Set with Rock Crystal
30” Sterling Silver Chain
Round Charm Measures 1.2″ Tall, .5″ Wide; Oval Charm Measures 1″ Tall, .4″ Wide
Wear alone or as a layered necklace!


Round Gate Locket with Sapphires

Sterling Silver
30” Sterling Silver Chain
Set with White Sapphires
Locket Measures 1″ Diameter
Holds Three Images. Images easily slide in from the top of the locket.


Rectangular Gate Locket in White Gold

The scrolled gate motif accented with white diamonds fans out so you can share your images. Locket can hold two or three images. 
18K White Gold
18” White Gold Chain
Set with White Diamonds
Locket Measures 1″ Tall


‘Carpe Diem’ Necklace in Silver, Small

Seize the Day! This “Carpe Diem” necklace will empower and inspire you everyday. The spinning globe of faceted rock crystal is surrounded with a sterling silver frame engraved with “Carpe Diem.”
Sterling Silver with rhodium plating to help prevent tarnishing
Available with 30″ oval link chain


‘Travel’ Global Compass Charm with Sapphires

Chart your course for your next adventure. Our Global Compass “Travel” Charm is accented with White Sapphires and a Moonstone.
Sterling Silver
Available without a chain, 32″ Black Steel Chain or 32″ Sterling Silver Chain.
Set with White Sapphires and a Moonstone.
Engraved with “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
Charm measures 1″ in diameter.
Makes a beautiful graduation gift


‘Baby’ Charm in Sapphires

 Celebrate! This Sterling Silver charm was designed to keep your little one always close to your heart.
Sterling Silver
Set with white sapphires
Charm measures 1″ in diameter
Makes a beautiful gift for a new mom!

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