This story involves a locket, a WWI Sergeant in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, and a mystery girl he loved from Oban, Scotland …

We’re always excited when clients bring in old and unique pieces for identification and restoration, but when Ralph Reid came into our store recently, we knew we had something special.

Ralph had found a locket that had been in his family for 100 years. It originally belonged to his great-great uncle, Sergeant Charles Reid, who died at Beaumont Hamel in World War I.

The locket was made of rose gold and was packaged in a box from a jeweller located in Oban, Scotland. It had a photo of Captain Reid on one side and a photo of a beautiful young lady on the other. No one on this side of the ocean knew who this woman was, only that she was the presumed sweetheart of Sergeant Reid.

When Ralph brought the locket into the store, we were immediately compelled by this beautiful, tragic piece of history. One can’t help but wonder whether this mystery woman waited for her lost Sergeant. No calls, no letters, no record of them ever knowing each other beyond this mystery locket that Charlie had with him when he died. There are so many unanswered questions.

Who's the lady in the locket?

If you have any idea who this woman might be, please reach out by emailing us at We would love to help solve this mystery for Ralph and his family.

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