Breuning was founded in 1927 by Franz Breuning. Franz initially employed 80 talented individuals to his endeavor. As a result, a strong foundation was created which paved the way for a successful future in the jewelry manufacturing business. As the world changes and shifts over time so do businesses. Today, the Breuning company is now in its third generation of familial ownership and employs over 500 people. Since 1927 they have opened a production facility in Thailand and continue to grow as a company. Breuning has strived to have the highest quality standards, best designs, and manufacturing technologies to deliver some of the best products on the market today. As a result of their efforts, Breuning is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of jewellery in Europe today.

“Our broad expertise, coupled with decades of experience and uncompromising customer orientation, makes us a reliable full-service partner that stands for the highest quality, flexibility, and innovative strength.”

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