(Re) Introducing Simon G

Elegantly Handcrafted

When seeking the finest in luxury jewellery, there are a few names which immediately come to mind. Simon G. stands as one of the premier jewellers of exceptionally crafted styles for those with elevated standards.

Simon G. continues to evolve to meet the changes and demands in the luxury accessory market. They offer several artfully created collections which embody their unique charm and sense of visual ambience. You can see the care and attention to detail crafted into every piece.

New Collections

Whether you prefer something modern, traditional or a mix of both,
Simon G. jewellery rises to the occasion with ease and elegance.

We have been proud to bring you Simon G. jewellery for over 15 years.
We invite you to stop into our showroom to see the amazing new pieces recently added to our collection.

Simon G, who founded his company in 1981, visits Diamond Design. 

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