This Holiday Season


The Right Gift

Choosing a great gift doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here’s how we help make giving much easier.

How To Find Meaningful Gifts

Diamond Design is a special occasion store, and we love helping clients find perfect gifts to surprise their partners and loved ones. 

Gift shopping for jewellery may seem challenging, because it’s such a personal choice. If you or your partner find it too intimidating all together, then you’ll likely be exchanging sweaters and gift certificates to restaurants for every foreseeable holiday. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Diamond Design is a special occasion store. We love helping clients find the ideal gift for their partners and loved ones. And we’ve come up with some ways to make gift-giving much easier.

Choosing a great gift is actually quite simple when you step back and let us be your partner in the process.


A Secret

Gift-giving becomes incredibly simple when the receiver has already been in to see us. The secret to giving – and getting – a lovely gift every time is to form a relationship with us before any holiday or special occasion comes up.

So please consider scheduling some time with one of our jewellery or watch consultants, either on your own or with your partner, before the holidays or a special occasion. Remember that time spent with our consultants is always pressure-free.

(Hint: surprising your partner with a preplanned visit is an almost guaranteed perfect date – who doesn’t love spending an afternoon trying on jewellery or Swiss watches?)

Meeting with a specialist will help you appreciate your own personal style and focus on what you love. We’ll educate you about different designers and features, as well as types, cuts, gems and metals. Ultimately, your specialist will help you contextualize your options and your personal tastes.  We believe that context is the most important factor to consider when jewellery shopping.

We’ll be your partner in this process; while you learn about jewellery, we learn about you. When you meet with us, we can begin to build a profile of your favourite pieces that we keep on file to share with your partner in the future. Suddenly, instead of a whole store to choose from, your partner will have a select list of only those items that they really desire.


Our Secret

Of course, not everyone will have the luxury of having a file of their partner’s favourite pieces. In fact, it’s precisely when a client has no idea what to purchase that our specialists really shine.

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and know exactly which questions to ask to help you narrow down your many options. In our experience, this guidance is critical to finding just the right gift.

For example, see how our Watch Specialist Paul can help narrow down your choices to find the right piece at the right price, one that is sure to be loved now and become a cherished family heirloom. 


One Size Fits All

If you really are having difficulty making a choice, please consider the win-win option of a Diamond Design Gift Certificate. These certificates can be purchased in any amount for any occasion. The recipient may want to use the certificate all at once or save up several for a special something.

Gifting jewellery does take a little more effort, but the result is worth it. When the surprise and happiness is genuine, the occasion becomes so much more special and enjoyable, for both of you.



We Also Suggest

With our large, hand-selected collection of the world’s finest jewellery and watches, we offer a stunning array of beautiful gifts at various prices. Whatever their style, find something they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

See You Soon

If you’d like to book an appointment with one of our watch or jewellery specialists, please email

Or simply stop by to visit in Churchill Square – we’ll be open extra hours to accommodate busy holiday schedules this season.

And be sure to join us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll be sharing great gift ideas all month long.

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