Says Shauna of her relationship with Chris: “We were introduced by a friend at Topsail Beach about 6 years ago, and ever since we first talked, we’ve been inseparable.

Chris bought her engagement ring almost 3 months before he proposed. He was waiting for their anniversary, but he woke up one morning and knew ‘today’s the day.’

He brought Shauna to their new house they were building. He got down on one knee and completely surprised her with the proposal. Shauna says, ‘it was beautiful – a great day.’

Chris chose a Lazare diamond engagement ring for Shauna – they both agree Lazare diamonds are 100% the most beautiful in the world. Shauna says her ring sparkles all the time: “in the dark it sparkles, in the light it sparkles, it just doesn’t stop shining so bright.”

Says Chris of his decision: “not for one second have I had a regret in not only buying and choosing that diamond, but choosing her as a wife in general. Thanks to Lazare, I have a happy wife.”

And Shauna chips in, “very happy. Happy wife, happy life!”

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