Birks Rock & Pearl Drop Necklace with Pearl


The Birks Rock & Pearl® Collection puts a modern twist on classic jewellery design. This sensational sterling silver necklace makes a striking addition to any jewellery collection. The 18-inch drop necklace features two sterling silver studs and a 9 mm freshwater pearl. It’s a touch of glamour that can brighten any occasion. In the Birks Rock & Pearl® Collection, the sublime glow of pearls meets pyramid-shaped studs in a look that takes its inspiration from the vivid contrasts of the Canadian landscape. Both rugged and delicate, nature inspires us with its extremes. The feminine and chic style of this drop pendant brings instant elegance to any look. The grace of freshwater pearls, evoking the uplifting beauty of Canada’s lakes, contrasts with the angular studs to create a uniquely stunning design.


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