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Terry and Krissy will sheepishly tell you they met online. Krissy’s mother loved right away that Terry was polite and opened the door for her, instead of just beeping the horn like some previous dates.

Terry planned to propose on a trip to Montreal, but after getting the ring, he just couldn’t wait. As he describes it, “literally I’m driving home and my hands are shaking, and I don’t even know why I’m nervous because I’m fairly sure she’s gonna say yes – cause we’re very solid and we love each other.”

So with her hair in a towel and right in the kitchen, Terry got down on one knee and proposed. Krissy cried tears of excitement – she thought an engagement might happen, but not so soon. Seeing those tears of happiness was what Terry called ‘the ultimate guy metric.’

Terry designed Krissy’s ring with us, because he felt like she deserved a one of a kind piece. Calling the whole process ‘kinda cool,’ he was surprised at just how much time and creativity was involved: “it blows me away how they do it.” Krissy then helped design her wedding ring, too.

Krissy loves her unique ring: “I think it’s a special feeling, too, to know that all our pieces are one-ofs. There’s no other girl that has the same engagement or wedding ring.”


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