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What does a gift of jewellery mean?

Sometimes a piece of jewellery is an ornament. Sometimes a marker of time. From a romantic gesture, to a thank you, to an ultimate expression of love, the pieces themselves can be the symbols of the moments you share with the people who matter the most.

Emily and Adam’s Moment (video)


If we think less about the jewellery itself and more about what these things represent, it goes beyond precious metal and exotic gems to become waypoints for relationships: a moment in time.

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The Concept
From this was born the essence of what our brand stands for, and the name of our new campaign: This Is Your Moment. Captured by world renowned photographer David Howells, everyday events turn in to defining moments in a relationship.

TerriLynn and Mark’s Moment (video)


A walk in the woods, a dinner party, a stroll on the beach…become a birthday gift, a surprise anniversary present, or a one-of-a-kind engagement. The moment is the time stamp neither of you will forget, embodied by a look of surprise, delight and wonder, and the sheer joy in giving a special gift to the most important person in your life.

Sydney’s Moment (video)

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The Making of This Is Your Moment

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