Toby and Meaghan met as camp counsellors, on a ball field. Toby says she was a ‘hard catch,’ insisting they just be friends at first.

On their first date they discovered a funny connection – each had an uncle that was currently away at a curling tournament in Victoria. Toby laughs that his first thought was, ‘I hope we don’t have the same uncle!’

Their first date was on the 2nd of the month, and so Toby proposed on the 2nd of July. Meaghan knew a proposal was coming, but was still totally surprised. He tricked her with a fake present – a book light. She opened it, and then he pulled the ring from behind his back and proposed.

Toby found the right ring by talking to Pat (our owner) about her style. When Pat found out Meaghan loves Ikea, he was able to help Toby find a simple, beautiful ring with clean lines.

And he did a good job! Meaghan says, ‘it’s beautiful. I love the clean lines, I love the diamond. It’s beautiful, it fits perfectly. It somehow matches what I would have wanted, without knowing what I wanted.”

Toby and Meaghan married at Christmastime, with no doubts; Meaghan says, “I think you do know when you’re with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with … there’s no one else that could be better. We’re just good partners, and we want to go on lots of adventures together. I think you know deep down inside.”

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