Jeff surprised Wanda with a big proposal, while they were on holidays in Florida. Several months before leaving, he got the idea to propose in a hot air balloon, and he worked hard to pull it off. Getting through airport security without Wanda seeing the diamond ring was one of the trickiest parts.

To convince Wanda to get up at 4:30 in the morning while on vacation, Jeff promised he had a surprise waiting. And the balloon ride was a surprise – so much so that Wanda thought it was the surprise. So while she was enjoying the ride, Jeff knew what was around the corner. He says that “being up in the air and seeing the sunrise on the horizon, knowing what was to come, was a special moment.”

So as Wanda was looking down and taking pictures, she saw a sign on the ground that read, ‘Will You Marry Me, Wanda?’ She turned around, and there was Jeff, with the ring, on one knee.  They both joke that she was so excited by the proposal, that that was the one picture she forgot to take.

Jeff’s over-the-top proposal reflects a deeply felt bond between Jeff and Wanda. He says, “when I met Wanda, it’s just her beaming personality and gentleness, I guess, that’s such a big part of her. And she’s so easy-going.”

And Wanda wants that ‘gentleness’ noted, laughing that her co-workers would never believe that one!

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