From Traditional to Eclectic

The wedding industry has seen a dramatic shift from traditional to non-traditional in everything from venues to floral arrangements. However, one of the biggest shifts has occurred among wedding bands. Gone are the days where everything needs to match, and individuality is frowned upon. Today, being unique is in! From pairing two wedding bands with a single engagement ring to mismatched rings, there is something for everyone.

We specialize in the truly special and we can help you work through the many choices available. Here are some wedding band looks and trends to inspire you.

Mixing Metals

Yellow and rose gold are back! Recently we have seen a rising trend in coloured metals with yellow and rose leading the way. What’s more, coloured metals pair beautifully with platinum and white gold. The result is a beautiful mixed metal combination!

Mix & Match

No longer are we limited by past expectations where the wedding band and engagement ring are made to match exactly. This new direction of mix and match sets is all about freedom of expression to create something that is uniquely you.

Complementary Bands

Another shift from traditional custom relates to matching wedding bands. Couples are not limited to selecting matching wedding bands (although there is a timeless romantic character to matching which some couples still prefer). If you are torn on whether to match or not, we recommend finding bands that share one or two characteristics. Here are some lovely wedding bands that are similar, while still looking different enough to capture each person’s individuality.


This is a very luxurious look that has taken form in a number of ways. Stackable wedding bands made their way to the wedding world via fashion jewellery trends, where multiple bands nestle against one another on the same finger. Stackables tend to be more ornate featuring engraved patterns, diamonds or gemstones. Here are some examples of bands that are perfect for stacking.

The #1 Must-Know Wedding Trend

Of course, the most important trend with wedding bands these days is that – there are no rules! Come visit our wedding band collection of hundreds of styles to delight and inspire you to find that ring that suits you and your personal style. Appointments with our consultants are recommended but not required, especially on Saturdays. For more information or an appointment, please email or call us at 709-754-9497.

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