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Come find Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest selection of premium wedding rings for men and women. With hundreds of styles in-store at multiple price points, plus experts to help you design your own, this is where you find the ring of a lifetime.

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Come visit our wedding band collection, be inspired by hundreds of styles, and find the ring that suits you perfectly.

At Diamond Design we specialize in the truly special.

We work hand-in-hand with clients to help them navigate the many wedding ring styles and options available.

This is the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life and our mission is to ensure you’ll love it every time you put it on. In the past decades, there’s been a big shift in how we think about wedding rings. Gone are the days of strict rules, matching sets and limited options. This new direction of mix and match sets is all about freedom of expression.

We’ve embraced this wonderful new opportunity for couples to find wedding rings that are unique and personalized. Today, your wedding ring can be truly ‘you.’

Of course, when the sky’s the limit, it becomes much harder to narrow down your choices to the right one. That’s where our consultants are really primed to help.

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Hundreds Of Styles

From classic to modern and everything in between, our showroom is full of wonderful rings to choose from.

Perusing and trying on many samples of rings allows you to truly understand what type of metal and design looks best on your finger. We find that men in particular, sometimes unaccustomed to jewellery, find great value in the process of trying on multiple rings with an expert guide.

Trying on samples is also the best way to begin the process of designing your own ring. Remember, we are custom design experts, too.

Our wide sample of rings also helps us to find or design one to complement an engagement ring perfectly. And of course our consultants are happy to find complementary choices for all engagement rings, whether or not they were purchased at Diamond Design.

Come visit our wedding band collection, be inspired by hundreds of styles, and find the ring that suits you perfectly.

Multiple Budgets and Time Frames

Like always, our Design Consultants are happy to work with all budgets to help clients find their dream ring.

And our large inventory means we can accommodate tight time frames when necessary.

Please note that we also offer engraving services.


Our #1 Rule For Wedding Rings

We only have one rule for our clients: there are no rules. Today there are a multitude of approaches to wedding rings, which is why an expert guide is so helpful.

Take mixed metals, for example, which are quite popular. Mixed metals can work beautifully together – when you understand them. We will show you different colours and styles of rings to help you find a mixed metal combination that actually works.

Today, being unique is in! From pairing two wedding bands with a single engagement ring to mismatched rings, there is something for everyone.


Working With An Expert

While there are no rules, that doesn’t mean that you want to pair any engagement ring with any wedding ring. There are unlimited options, depending on the style of your engagement ring as well as your own unique personal style.

This is why working with a specialist to try on rings is so important. There are so many paths to find the right ring. Working with an expert will help you understand all the right approaches.

Working with us is always pressure-free, and you’re welcome to take as many visits as you need. Learn more about the process here.

We guide and help couples find their perfect engagement and wedding rings, through one-on-one consultations with our bridal specialists. To ensure we have enough time to focus on you, we recommend appointments for bridal showings, which are always pressure-free.

To book yours, please call (709) 754-9497 or email