Building a jewellery wardrobe is a mature way to think about your jewellery purchases. You start assembling yours when you begin making sophisticated, thoughtful decisions about the jewellery you buy.

We all have a personal style, and we put a lot of effort into finding wearable clothes that reflects who we are. Similarly, a jewellery wardrobe is carefully constructed, piece-by-piece over time, so that a woman’s jewellery box is as reflective of who she is as her closet is.

We grow up in clothes, of course, so clothing choices are more instinctual. Learning to make good jewellery selections requires more effort. Younger girls may have a few nice heirlooms, but their collections will often be cheap, interchangeable to match different outfits, and often bought on a whim.  Learning how to pick pieces that you not only love and that suit your lifestyle but that you can also easily mix and match takes time and education.

A woman’s jewellery wardrobe often begins with her engagement ring, which she selects with much deliberation and consultation.  The next few pieces are often easy choices – they’re staples like a classic pair of diamond earrings or a gold watch.

But what can follow your first big purchases, if you’re not purposeful with your selection, is a hodge-podge of pieces – some you admire, some you like, some that caught your eye and you can’t remember why. Building a jewellery collection that you love isn’t hard, but it takes knowledge and understanding, and you need to know your personal style.

A good relationship with your favourite jewellery store is the best way to start building your wardrobe. The jewellery specialists at our store will help you begin to appreciate your own jewellery tastes and then focus on them.

Your jewellery specialist will educate you about fashions, trends, styles and designers, and then help you select pieces that will come together in a magical way.

And as we get to know you, and your likes and dislikes, we’ll also create a file of pieces you like (and having this file on-hand also makes gift-giving much easier for your significant).

As your collection of jewellery grows over time, you want your investment to be worth it. You want to love each and every piece as much as the day you bought it. You want to always be able to easily find just the right necklace and earrings to make you feel pretty in that dress. You want your little girls to grow up wanting to borrow your earrings, and you want to have cherished heirlooms to pass on to your grandchildren.

After learning from a jewellery specialist, every piece of jewellery you buy will not only be a reflection of who you are, but will coordinate with all the other pieces in your wardrobe.

Jewellery is more than fashion – it’s a part of our lives. A jewellery box should be filled with beautiful pieces that accurately showcase you and your memories. That’s your jewellery wardrobe.

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