Gerard and Amanda are one of our happy couples, and they love her engagement ring because they both met with Rhonda, one of our bridal specialists, before making their decision. Of course every couple is different, and we offer expert guidance whether you plan to surprise your partner with the engagement ring or not. Gerard is one of many clients who eventually made the choice to bring his girlfriend in to see us, after coming in by himself first.

Gerard had done his research online, and visited multiple stores in town. He says Diamond Design was the first place where he felt like Amanda would like a lot of what was in the showcases. And he says that Rhonda gave him a solid education about his options, and some critical advice, too.

“Rhonda convinced me it would be a good idea to fly by with Amanda to see what kind of styles she was looking for,” he says. “It was probably a good thing I did, because what I had picked out was no where near what she wanted to wear for the rest of her life. I’ve thanked Rhonda a couple times since for putting me on the right path there!”

Amanda had a fun time trying on rings and exploring her options. Gerard learned the styles she likes, but she left the rest to him – he chose the diamond and ring later, so they were still a surprise. And the experience didn’t dampen the romance of her proposal.

“I knew some plans were in the works, but that was all,” she says of the experience. She didn’t know how long she would have to wait for the proposal that she calls “very nice, very romantic.” Ultimately, she waited a few months, until that coming Christmas. They were decorating their tree, “and when I turned around,  he proposed. It was very sweet,” she says.

Now they have a new tradition – they’re hoping to decorate their tree on the same date every year, to celebrate the not unexpected but still totally surprising start to their engagement.

And Amanda loves her ring – months later she still catches her self looking down and admiring it. “I’m very happy with it – very happy with the choice that we made together in picking out the style and with the parts that he put into it himself,” she says.

Gerard and Amanda picked out Amanda’s engagement ring through multiple bridal appointments with Rhonda. Gerard calls her “nothing short of amazing to deal with. I couldn’t say enough nice things about her.” And Amanda agrees, saying “you can tell they’re experienced.  It’s great – you walk in and they drop what they’re doing and speak to you. And they deal with any questions … I can see how especially younger couples might be a bit intimated to walk into that store, but I think everybody would get that same feeling of welcome and personalized care.

“And they know you by name!” Gerard adds. “Even though I’m sure they have hundreds upon hundreds of clients that come through, Rhonda calls me by name, every time I go in there.”

To meet with Rhonda or our other bridal specialists, we recommend making an appointment, so we have enough time to focus on you and your partner. To book yours, please call (709) 754-9497 or email

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